• A Tale of Two Cities

    A Tale of Two Cities


    Six months have passed since I arrived in France. ESSEC is pretty tiny, and every morning, with the first beam of light penetrating into the campus, voices arise. Different faces in different colors coming from all over the world gather right here and discuss in all kinds of languages, through which you can even observe the collision of their wisdom. As a famous business school known by every French household, ESSEC maintains a very high level in both academy and campus atmosphere, and studying here offers you a deep understanding of the business world, especially the European economy, and an opportunity of meeting young potential business leaders from different countries of the world.

  • 美國德州大學雙學位感言




  • Sleepless in Seattle - My time at the University of Washington

    Sleepless in Seattle - My time at the University of Washington


    As the Chinese saying goes, “read ten tho​usand books, travel ten thousand miles.” So when I applied for my double degree program, I chose Foster School of Business at the University of Washington — on the other side of the earth — for my second year of MBA. Now, having spent more than half a year here, I have experienced first-hand of being “alone in a foreign land, where I think of my dear ones far away on festive occasions”. I miss my first year in Peking University ever more than other experiences. People say that one is easy to overestimate his or her short-term targets and underestimate long-term achievements.

  • 我見青山多妩媚,料青山見我應如是



    光陰似箭,轉眼來紐約到哥大已半年光景。初來乍到的陌生感早已被充實的學習生活帶走。 學習在哥大哥大的學業壓力很大,讓早已工作多年的我,逐漸找回了虔心學習的態度。在Butler圖書館Lawrence閱覽室的大理石上赫然刻著“ A MAN IS BUT WHAT HE KNOWETH“ 在浩瀚的書海裏深感自己的渺小,圖書館24小時不閉館,晚上12點離館時依然看見各膚色各種族的同學...

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